Advertise Your Events On Facebook

Creating ads on Facebook has never been easier.  You can now utilize the full power of Facebook’s conversion optimized advertisements for your events on Prekindle.


Your Facebook Pixel is required for Facebook to optimize your ad for conversions.

Prekindle can automatically place your pixel on your event promo pages and checkouts. We provide Facebook with the following customer actions to help optimize your advertisements for conversion: PageView, InitiateCheckout, and Purchase.


Ad optimization: When you use the Facebook pixel in combination with the bidding option Optimize for Website Conversions, Facebook will automatically show your ads to people who are most likely to convert.

Measurement: You can measure the number of conversions your ads generate to calculate your return on ad spend. That way you’ll see how much you’re spending for each conversion and can fine-tune your ads accordingly.

Step 1 – Create an Ad Account on Facebook

For more information, go to

Step 2 – Connect Your Pixel to Your Prekindle Account

To connect your Facebook Pixel to your Prekindle account, simply login, check your Preferences, and paste your pixel ID.

You can find your pixel id on the right-hand side of your Facebook Ads Manager –


Step 3 – Create an Ad on Facebook

For more information, go to

Note: we have already handled the pixel code placement into your event pages.  Just connect your pixel ID.

Choose to optimize on Purchase.

Facebook is now optimizing the delivery of your ad for conversions.

To view the count of each action, go to Ads Manager, and customize the columns to display the following Website Actions.