Create your virtual event and sell tickets online.

It’s easy to host virtual events on Prekindle. We also provide live-streaming tools built right into your event dashboard, so whether you are planning a webinar using your own external tools, or need an out-of-the-box solution, we’ve got you covered.

Built-in marketing campaigns will automatically find more ticket buyers across Facebook and Instagram. Perfectly crafted strategies make sure you’re covered across every part of your event marketing lifecycle.

Built on powerful Amazon cloud services.

Payments and billing are fast, accurate, and like clockwork. You can rest easy knowing exactly what to expect and when. Clients love our always-up-to-date Payments dashboard and reliably smooth settlements.

A more beautiful events dashboard in the palm of your hand.

A beautiful, uncluttered space makes work more enjoyable and productive.

Introducing the new Prekindle dashboard.

The visual improvement keeps 100% of the features you have come to depend on for managing your events, and they are still in their place. They now have room to breathe and are easier to access.

Mobile Friendly Design

This update optimizes the entire dashboard for mobile devices. This means all tasks are accessible on your mobile device without zooming! In technical terms, our entire event-management dashboard is now fully responsive.

Screenshot Gallery

You can now host event series on Prekindle.

An event series is a group of events that are identical, except for the the date & time.

Prekindle will automatically group events together that have the same title. This makes it easy for customers to find alternate dates & times no matter which page they end up on.

You also want to make sure your Prekindle calendar page is toggled to Event Series as well.


Go to your Account Preferences > Branding > Your Prekindle Site

Prepare your website to sell more tickets

23069320 - designer drawing website development wireframe

Will you be driving customers to your own website?  It’s a good idea, and you want to have the major pieces in place first.  Check to see if your website fulfills three important goals before you start advertising:

1) Your website clearly directs customers to make a purchase.
Prekindle provides a simple drop-in widget that adds a robust ticketing container to your website.  Best of all, it requires no coding for typical websites.  The widget also  adds the important metadata that search engines rely on to understand your events. More advanced options are available to your developers too.  If you prefer to keep it simple, make a prominent link directly to your ticketing page that is always visible.

2) Your web pages includes your tracking pixels.
Digital marketing only works if your tracking code (ie: pixel) is added to your important web pages.  When it works, it works well.  It’s  easy to set up from your Prekindle dashboard, but you should add it to your own website as well.  Your digital marketing team will be pleased to know Prekindle is highly flexible in this regard.  Learn more about general re-targeting and how our abandoned cart technology is powered by Facebook.

3) Your website works on both desktop & mobile devices.
Always check your website on both desktop and mobile.  Rest assured that your Prekindle ticketing checkout is always adapted to all browsers and devices.

Put your buy button to work

Sometimes your event doesn’t fit the mold.  Maybe you aren’t selling tickets, but badges or VIP packages. Maybe your attendees aren’t simply buying, but registering, or signing up. Whatever the case, you can make it crystal clear how to get started without confusion.

About > Design & Colors > Buttons


Attendees can now add their tickets to Apple Wallet.

Apple Wallet enables iOS users to conveniently add tickets to their personal device.  Prekindle now supports Apple Wallet for all events that already offer print-at-home tickets.  No action is needed to enable this feature.

iOS customers look for the ‘add to Apple Wallet’ button on their mobile tickets.


iOS customers will then find their tickets with the Apple Wallet app, along with other passes and cards they have stored.



Prekindle currently offers several methods for gaining entry to an event, which can be controlled by event organizers to fit their needs.

  1. Mobile tickets are the most convenient for customers with smartphones.  An attendee simply shows the barcode(s) directly from their device.  Apple Wallet (brand new) is an extension of mobile tickets for iOS users.
  2. Print-at-home tickets are fast and easy.  Typically this is preferred by most event organizers because of the versatility, and robustness when cellular networks are not 100% available.
  3. Physical tickets can be purchased for most events.
  4. Will call can be uses if you want to interact with each attendee at the door, or if they forget their tickets.

Learn more about Prekindle here.

Prekindle announces new edible ticket option.

We are excited to announce that starting today, all Prekindle customers can opt to have their tickets printed directly on a batch of delicious home baked cookies.  Sugary edible ink is printed directly on the top of your cookies through our cookie partner network.  Learn more.

“We are the first ticketing platform to offer this cutting edge integration with the confection industry.  Our rich web API makes this possible.”  JR – Product Design

Due to the nature of the delivery method, a $15 re-printing fee is required if your tickets “go missing”.  Prekindle also recommends leaving your cookies on the dashboard of your car if you prefer a crisper product.

Learn more about our real features and really happy clients here.  😉

Better email marketing for events

Power your weekly newsletter and dedicated blasts with an email tool that is designed for events and integrated with your ticketing.

  • Spend minutes, not hours, building the perfect email.
  • Designed for events with nothing to get in your way
  • Automatic conversion tracking
  • Switch from your current email marketing platform and save
  • Start at $40/month & 40,000 emails
  • Each additional email costs only $.001
  • Contact to get started


Event Feed is available for all event creators


Event feed has been released to all event creators on Prekindle.  You can start using it immediately.

What can I do with Event Feed?
Post content to your ticket holders.  It works similar to a Facebook post, but comments are not currently supported.  Examples of posts you may want to create: lineup additions, information about vendors on site, contests, say thank you & more.  Learn more here.

How do I access the new tools?
Look for the megaphone icon megaphone  on each of your events on the dashboard.

Do I need to use Event Feed?
Nope.  Use it only when you need to reach out to your ticket holders.